Maryland Aquatic Nurseries, Inc

Welcome to Maryland Aquatic Nurseries (MAN).


We have a new phone number as of January 2012 - 410-692-4171.


We grow the plants we sell. This means excellent quality and competitive prices for you.


We also manufacture most of the products we sell. Again, this means excellent quality and competitve prices for you. Look for the MAN-CAN (M-C) brand when you buy aquatic pond plants, pond supplies and pond kits.


Recently, we expanded our offering to include envionmental products and native aquatic plants for earthen and stormwater ponds. This includes on-site and remote consulting services. Don't be afraid to bring your problem inquiries to us. The first inquiry is free.


We hold a U.S. Patent on Floating Island Planters and Floating Wetlands.


We deliver via our own trucks and common carrier, as well as, UPS for smaller packages.


We're proud of our plants, products and pond supplies so we back them to the hilt.


Give us a try!

Richard J. Schuck - Maryland Aquatic Nurseries (MAN)

Brian Schuck - Charleston Aquatic Nursery (CAN)

Stuart Schuck - Charleston Aquatic Nursery (CAN)


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Maryland Aquatic Nurseries, Inc
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