Commercial Services

Our Commercial Services offer a full range of Aquatic design, installation and maintenance to beautify your surroundings but to also control environmental challenges you might be encountering, from erosion and water runoff to algae control.

We design, build and install around hardscapes with natural and non-invasive softscapes. Not sure if we can assist you in your project? Call us for a free consultation 877.736.1807

    Our Services
  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Beautifying community retention ponds
  • Control blue-green algae & Still water odors
  • Reflecting pools
  • Controlling Shoreline erosion & run-off
  • Golf courses
  • Colleges
  • Private Communities (Common Areas & ponds)
  • commercial Buildings Complexes, Campuses
  • Civic beautification (buildings walkways & greenways)
  • commercial entities (Hotels restaurants, Malls & theme parks)
  • Private Estates

Our comprehensive 5-Step approach to beautifying community retention ponds begins with a site visit where we identify problems. We then talk to community leaders about what they want corrected and also what they would like added. Based on our findings and inputs from the community, we develop a proposal and cost estimate. Below is a picture that shows the results of one of our projects. It was also the real life model for the 5-Step Graphic depicted above. Pictured to the right is the before image.

Maryland Aquatic Nursery's commercial Services provides the consulting, design, construction and all around maintaince for commercial clients needing to enhance their appearance with natural softscape and or with specific needs to protect their environments.

Our services include consulting to enable you to best determine how to design and control natural ponds, streams, river fronts and man-made ponds. Our clients list include golf-courses, colleges, private communities common areas, commericial building and complex campuses, government and civic beautification of buildings, walkways and greenways.

The 5-Step Method also applies to reflecting pools with concrete construction, except there is no need to control shoreline erosion. In the examples below, the pools are in a public park, a government estate used for weddings and political events and a condominium complex. All of these venues cater to social or community gatherings. Planted Floating Wetlands are vital in reflecting pools as they designed to exist very well on the surface. They are easy to maintain and can be removed if necessary at the end of the growing season.

Color-Burst Floating Islands and Aquatic Plants add pizzazz to reflecting pools and all kinds of water features in business parks, apartment complexes and public plazas. These islands feature colorful tropical plants. We install, maintain and remove everything at the end of season. We install all manner of aquatic plants: water lilies, hardy and tropical; lotus and vertical accent varieties. People love these gardens. We take care of everything and keep it looking good.

Another pond project is pictured below. In this case, the pond was covered with blue-green algae that not only looked bad but also stank. This pond was toxic to fish and animals. We applied the 5-Step Improvement Plan to the pond and transformed it to that shown on the right. The toxic algae never returned and it became friendly to fish, turtles and frogs once more. The residents who had paid extra for lots bordering the pond were over- joyed. Perhaps, the key ingredient to this improvement was sub-surface aeration that oxygenated and circulated the water. You can clearly see the air bubbles on the surface.

Shoreline erosion is a major problem that can destroy the pond, especially if on a dam-berm and it eats away at adjacent valuable property. We have developed transportable systems for solving most kinds of shoreline erosion. Where the erosion is gradually sloped, we install pre-planted wetland carpets. These can be rolled up and transported to the site for installation that is easy and quick. Another where the erosion is a sudden or vertical drop, we install 12” diameter coir logs along the eroded area and then plant with appropriate plant material. This too is easily transported and installed. Where erosion is greater than a 1’ drop, a “living wall” system can be used. This system requires more effort and equipment than the other two. It is important to halt erosion as soon as detected to keep the costs of correction to a minimum.

Pictured above clockwise: Coir Log installation 1’ drop, Wetland Carpet installation for gradual slope, Living Wall 3’ vertical drop and Wetland Carpet on beach

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