Floating Wetlands Product Carousel

  • Colorburst Rafts in Reflecting Pool1
  • Colorburst Rafts in Reflecting Pool2
  • Colorburst Rafts in Reflecting Pool3
  • Pond Raft1
  • Wetland Raft Group in Stormwater Pond1
  • Wpg
  • Wetland Raft in National Arboretum Reflecting Pool
  • Wetland Raft in Stormwater Pond1
  • Wetland Raft in Stormwater Pond2
  • Wetland Raft in Stormwater Pond3
  • Wetland Raft1
  • Wetland Raft2
  • Wetland Raft3
  • Wetland Raft4
  • Wetland Raft5
  • Wetland Rafts in Stormwater Pond1
  • Wetland Rafts in Stormwater Pond2
  • Wetland Sanctuary

Maryland Aquatic Nurseries, Inc. (MAN) patented the first pond Floating Wetland Rafts of its kind over 25 years ago. We have continued to innovate the concept into creations that not only present beautiful pond-scapes but rafts that also help filter ponds to keep them healthy and clean.

The images offer just some of the creations, sizes and combinations of wetland rafts we offer.

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