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We’ve been an aquatic plants nursery since 1987 and along the way we have designed and manufactured original and innovative pond products. This website sells both the plants that we grow and the products we’ve invented. Our experience in both growing and manufacturing means that we can give you advice that saves you time and money. We have a U.S. Patent on our Floating Island Planters and Floating Wetlands. We’re also experts on aquatic weeds and aquatic pesticides. Call us with your questions or visit.

Important Notes


If you want to know basic information about pond construction and maintenance including plant and fish care, download our book, POND BASICS.


Before ordering plants, check our availability list so you know what you can get right away.


Shipping and Handling is free for orders $100 or more, but $15 for lesser orders. See the About Page for more details on S&H.


Special rules for Shipping and Handling apply for fish, but you’ll find they aren’t complicated. These special rules are in the Fish Ordering Section.


We guarantee everything we sell and we won’t give you a run around.

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